Nova Waterproofing
A small water leak can turn into a serious problem very quickly!

A leaking foundation can silently destroy your home and create health risks for your family. As with many other small household maintenance tasks, if you procrastinate, it will get worse. Therefore, we treat any amount of water intrusion as an urgent matter.

If you have leaking windows, wet walls, wet floors, condensation or efflorescence in your basement, please Contact Us right away for a free, no obligation estimate.


• Water must be stopped on the positive side (outside) of any structure in order to keep the foundation walls dry…Any qualified Engineer will agree!

Interior cures are all performed on the negative side (inside) of the structure merely redirecting the water after it gets into, and then seeps through, the foundation walls; thus leaving the walls wet or “discolored”!

• An experienced builder would never waterproof a new home on the inside because it simply does not work nor does it make sense!

Building Codes require new home foundation walls to be waterproofed below grade because it is the only method that works!

Wet foundation walls lead to Structural Decay, Health Risks and Poor Resale Value!

• Our exclusive Barrier Dual Drainage Waterproofing System™ provides peace of mind and Guaranteed Dry foundation walls, which means no more wet basements and crawl spaces!

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